Chris Gerrett, Cemetery Research and Restoration Specialist, has received approval from Mayor Patton to lead the efforts at the Fairview Park Cemetery.  

The scope of the restoration project is to repair and restore historical markers.  Included in the list of historical markers are family names such as Spencer, Mastick, Jordan, etc.   Cleanup and restoration of other headstones (those not so well known) will also be performed, as well as, restoring military graves markers. 

Fall of 2010 agreement with the city was reached and project planning began. Throughout the spring, summer and fall of each year since a great group of people have adopted making the project very successful. Plans to continue the 'Adopt-A-Tombstone' project are being planned, scheduling volunteers is very flexible so we can accommodate the availability of volunteers and supplies as well as bad weather conditions.  Saturday(s) and Sunday(s) will be scheduled throughout the project, and weekday mornings and evenings are also available.

The purpose of the project is not a general clean up, leaf raking, cutting grass, etc., of the cemetery.

If you are interested in volunteering email Chris Gerrett at to make your adoption selection.  Please include your name and phone number.  (email address' and phone numbers are not shared)

Note: pledged time can be small blocks of time, such as 3 different days donating 1 hr. of your time each day.  Volunteers pick the days and times that work best for them.

No harmful chemicals or power tools are used in the restoration process and no attempt to reconfigure or change the characteristics of the cemetery will be performed.


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