December 28, 1861 Francis Granger granted to Henry B. Spencer eighteen acres of land reserving one acre to be transferred to Rockport Township for a cemetery.  Burials took place as early as 1830, before this land was recognized as a town cemetery.

Known by different names over the years this little patch of land was first named Rockport Cemetery, at times also referred to as Rockport Pioneer Cemetery.   When this section of Rockport became Fairview Village, the cemetery was then renamed Fairview Cemetery.  Since the cemetery is located in Fairview Park, it is now commonly referred to as Fairview Park Cemetery.

A number of Fairview Park early families are buried in this cemetery, Spencer, Mastick, Wood, Jordan, Potter and Lewis.  But most of the burials are not as well known as these early families we often hear about today, many of these people lived in areas of Rockport that are now known as Lakewood, Rocky River and West Park.

In 1889 the vault was built over unoccupied plots in section C.  The vault was used to store the deceased when the ground was frozen and a grave could not be dug.  This building was not designed to be used as a mausoleum.

The cemetery actually extended further north then it does today.  When Lorain Road (Coe Road) was widen the front section of the cemetery was paved over.  Records identify which graves were occupied and where the deceased were move within the cemetery.

The cemetery today has eight sections, Section A Section H.  A number of plots across the back of Section C and Section H, along the ridge, have been lost to erosion.   Between 1890 - 1915 a number of burials took place in Section I, historical documents indicate who was buried in Section I, a section that no longer exist today. 

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