Definition of Adopt-A-Tombstone:
Adopt-A-Tombstone is a community project to restore historical markers, please consider getting involved.

How adoption works:
You can volunteer to take ownership for the restoration work performed on a gravestone, monument or tombstone
You can make a financial donation to be used for the purchase of supplies and material necessary for the project.
If you have a special talent or skill that would be helpful to make this project successful and you are willing to donate your time and knowledge.

Type of work performed by volunteers:
Light duty - cleaning a small stone; takes about 1 hour.
Somewhere between Light & Heavy duty - clean and detail a large monument; takes about 4 hours.
Heavy duty - lower a monument so the base can be leveled; perform the restoration and repairs; raise the stone back into position; takes about 8 hours, min.

~ Adopt-A-Tombstone ~
Cuyahoga County
or   call 440-356-9454
email Chris Gerrett:
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